The Beauty Of The Rain: Poetry & Thoughts

The rain is ambiguous

The rain is ambitious

Tears of the lost souls fall

Your painfully sweet voice will call

These droplets are meant for sadness

But you say that is madness

Let’s make our love blossom with the rain

Let these raindrops wash away the pain

– Ashika

The inspiration for this poem stemmed from the Korean drama series, Love Rain. Although the content of the two differs, the series really made me appreciate the beauty of the rain completely.

The rain tends to connote sadness, loss and overall negativity. But what’s to stop it from being so meaningful, loving and beautiful? I used to wonder why kissing someone in the rain was romantic. Then I realised that people in love don’t care about anything around them or what will happen. The rain falling is making them wet and they’ll have to get dry, they could also become ill. But that love is so strong between them that even the evil bows down and changes for good.

The rain, to me, is also a metaphor of cleansing. These droplets, that can be considered the tears of those before us, are silently telling us that we should not dwell in sadness and instead, refresh and make ourselves new for the future. Its simplicity renders us able to imagine how wonderful the rain is, and it doesn’t have to be all negative.

So the next time you see or feel the rain, instead of complaining how it will affect you with useless problems, appreciate its beauty.


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