A Tale of Two Cultures: Poetry & Thoughts

Being brought up

in two cultures

is a blessing.

The door to opportunity,

ambition and reality

is open.

Take what you like

to add to your


But nothing should

define you

other than


– Ashika

I’m British-Indian. I’m ethnically Indian and migrated to the UK when I was a clueless 2-year-old with my Dad. Growing up in two cultures was fascinating but challenging, to say the least.

British culture has allowed me to be open, ambitious and encouraged to chase my passions and dreams. It has also taught me tolerance, respect and kindness to others. My Indian heritage has also taught me similar philosophies. But what I truly cherish from India is our diversity as a nation in language, religion, culture and much more. Our clothing and festivals are so vibrant and it sparks happiness when I show my British friends the wonders of my country.

There are bits and pieces that anyone who grew up in a multicultural family can value close to their heart. It also encourages a deeper understanding of the world and that reality is a code word for endless possibilities and splendour. I used to detest one or the other as I grew up, believing that it is not possible for me to value both as much as each other. But my eyes opened and witnessed the beauty of a culturally diverse person. A culturally diverse person is intelligent, aware, respectful, tolerant and possesses a kind soul.

Embrace your heritage and value your other half as well, for it is truly a blessing.


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