Misandry: Poetry & Thoughts

The boy had his mind tortured and his body besieged

“But others will create a mockery of me”

He will not be clothed, fed or given a roof to find solace

“I’m expected to be flawless”

The boy cannot ponder a second’s thought of another

“I’ll become a caricature or monster”

Because he’s a boy

Life will become a toy for other’s to play with

Not a single ounce of care or concern

It will be too long

Before any soul can discern

– Ashika

Misandry. A word so uncommon in every nook and corner of this world. How many people know the meaning of this word?

Misandry – The hatred of men.

People scream and cry and demand justice for women subjected to misogyny. But a silence echoes when a boy or a man is subjected to the same hurt, pain and injustice. This is not an excuse to belittle the women, in fact, they are obviously important and should not face harshness from any soul. But this lack of impartiality towards our boys really angers me.

In this day and age, this topic is rather controversial. But for what reason? Because they are boys? Because they should be manly? Because they should already be blessed and fed and protected with the hand of God because they are men?

Let me inform you all on why misandry is just as important an issue to battle:

  • Men suffer from mental health issues
  • Men can get raped
  • Men can be subjected to domestic violence
  • Boys can suffer from self-esteem issues
  • Males usually do not show their emotions over fear of “losing their manliness”

Just because these issues surrounding males aren’t as prominent as women, it doesn’t give any of us an excuse to ignore or belittle those who do go through these terrible periods of their lives. Let’s tear away this stigma surrounding male victims and stop this unnecessary hatred of men who are only seeking a good life.

Hate will not end hate!

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

– Martin Luther King Jr.


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