The Future Is Equal: Poetry & Thoughts

the future is equal.
it will not be an
imbalance of matriarchy
or patriarchy.
but rather a joy in
celebrating the very
existence of ourselves
as humans.
there is not much
difference for the
same scarlet blood
flows through all
of us.

– Ashika

I often see or hear the phrase “The future is female.” and quite frankly, this bothers me. It is implying that females will rule and become superior to men as if it is a warning call of replacing patriarchy with matriarchy.

I do not agree with this concept. The future needs to be equal. There should be no superiority of a specific gender, race, sexual orientation or political ideologies. Everyone needs to learn how to love and treat others equally. While it is easier said than done, I have no doubt that one day in the future, people will begin to realise the beauty of cohesion, fairness and harmony. It may be within the next couple of years or it could be decades later.

But remember, if we need our children and the future generations to not suffer the troubles of the past, the future needs to begin with you.


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