10 Ways To Boost Your Happiness :)

So I’ve been working really hard recently (college, exams etc.) and I felt that while it’s good to do so, it’s also important to take care of your wellbeing. Our mental health is just as important as getting those grades if not more. So today, I’ll be showing you how to boost your happiness and relax 🙂

1. Watch your favourite TV series

Nothing feels better than cuddling up in a blanket and drinking some hot chocolate, all the while you binge some Netflix. Have some time to yourself in the evenings to catch up on your favourite show. I would recommend watching after you’ve studied, as a reward, if you’re still in school/college/uni but feel free to do it whenever if you’re on holiday!

2. Read a good novel

I cannot stress enough how important reading is. Buy a book, go to the library and sit down in the comfort of your room or the atmosphere of a local coffee shop. Immerse yourself into these beautifully crafted worlds and characters. You won’t regret it, trust me.

3. Eat your favourite foods

Just eat whatever you wish. Satisfy your taste buds and stomach. But don’t gorge yourself, you’ll fall ill!

4. Write in a journal

Transferring your thoughts onto paper is an effective method of releasing any tension within you. Vent out your frustrations, write down your goals. You are likely to feel a lot better.

5. Learn a language

Take it easy and find a language you think is fascinating. Step by step, practice the vocabulary, learn the grammar and if necessary, the character system. Organise all your notes in a beautiful notebook and look over it every day. Learning a foreign language is a useful skill and will render you knowledgeable about other cultures. Don’t stress out though, take your time.

6. Take a warm shower

You’ll feel clean, refreshed and much more alive than before.

7. Make art

You don’t have to be an expert to draw or paint. Just take a piece of paper or get a sketchbook and draw whatever comes to mind. If you’re feeling ambitious, YouTube is your friend to find helpful tutorials to do so!

8. Get a good night’s sleep

Sleep is so important. There’s nothing more or nothing less to it. I sound like a hypocrite right now because I’m struggling with my sleep hygiene. The first step is to set up an early bed time and turn off all your electronic devices. Follow the above, such as taking a warm shower or reading a book instead. Maintaining a good sleep pattern will obviously decrease fatigue but is also beneficial for a good memory and a healthy brain.

9. Share the love

Smile at people, even if they’re strangers. Be helpful to someone. Perform little acts of kindness. You might make someone’s day and you’ll feel good too 🙂

10. Find your passion

Do whatever you’re good at and it can be pretty much anything. Praise yourself while you’re at it, but don’t fuel your ego though. Finding that spark will lead to an adventure like no other!


So I hope these will help you in finding happiness. It’s important you do and don’t forget to smile! You’re valued and loved and you have gifts. So keep on being awesome! Positivity is key 🙂


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